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33 Ideas to Fill Your Social Media Calendar

With the world currently in lockdown and more businesses than ever running strictly online, our online presence is more important than ever! In order to be seen online and on social media the first and most essential thing you're going to need is regular content!

So what do you post?

Well, the answer to that varies greatly depending on your business, goals and, most importantly, business to customer relationship, but we've compiled a list of ideas and suggestions to help get you started!


  • Current Discounts & Offers

  • Show off a new product or service

  • Highlight a contest or giveaway

  • "In Case You Missed It" posts

  • Product pictures

  • Sneak Peek & Work In Progress images

  • Promote events and appearances

  • Before & After posts

  • Share your latest blog post


  • Pose a question to your customers

  • Answer a customer's question

  • Take a customer poll or survey

  • Post a "fill in the blank"

  • Create or take a challenge


  • Share your story

  • A "Day in the Life" post

  • Behind the scenes and workspace images

  • Testimonial quotes

  • Show your community values and promote another local business

  • Share a customer photo

  • Thank You posts to customers

  • Share your city


  • Answer some FAQ's

  • Share current industry news

  • Create or share a tutorial

  • Share your current reads & inspirations

  • Share your favourite tools & resources

  • Facts, infographics & statistics

  • Share informative tips and tricks


  • Inspirational Quotes

  • Comics & Memes

  • Seasonal & holiday related posts

  • Reshare your old content


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