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ICONIC Design AU was founded early 2018, in Newcastle Australia by Megan Haering.

Megan grew up with a love and passion for art; drawing since before she could remember. Upon completing High School she knew she wanted to pursue a creative field, so spent the years after graduation studying various creative fields until she found her niche in Graphic Design.

She completed her first year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010, received a Diploma of Photography in 2013, and finally completed her Cert IV in Graphic Design in 2016.

During her studies, she found Graphic Design allowed her to make use of all she enjoyed most in each creative field, but apply them in a logical and intentional way to problem-solve and achieve the goals of each unique brief.

Once completing her studies she began freelancing, taking small jobs to put her studies into practice, build confidence, and further her skills. In 2018 she finally quit her long-term 2IC role at her local bookstore and started the life-changing challenge of establishing her own business and going full-time as a Graphic Designer.

This first-hand experience of the stress and excitement of starting her own business, she believes, helps her empathize with her clients and provide a more personal and supportive service overall. She wanted ICONIC Design AU to be not simply about clients finding a designer, but finding a team-mate.

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