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Funland is an arcade/entertainment company with locations across the east coast of Australia. ICONIC first began working with Funland in 2019 and has been working together ever since. 


During the course of their working relationship, they have explored multiple iterations of the brand's styling, as well as developed a unique rebrand to celebrate the company's 50th year.

ICONIC Design AU has not only worked on the promotional materials used both on-site and online but has helped guide and advise the Funland team in their decision-making to best apply the company's branding throughout the construction and upgrades of their physical locations.


Funland run frequent seasonal and promotional campaigns across their locations with each requiring a unique set of promotional materials. These often include posters, animated videos for screens on-site, local paper/magazine spreads, and social media images.

Aside from the rotational materials, ICONIC has also worked with Funland to refresh their long term in store signage, including; open signs, height charts, machine stickers, bumper car decals, invitations for customer parties and events, arcade credit cards, business cards and more!

Working long-term with Funland has allowed us to slowly build a unique and engaging brand that unites the experience of excitement for both potential customers in local advertising, and those inside the stores.


Social media is one of Funland's primary marketing areas, so each seasonal or promotional campaign includes an associated social media package with a story and post version to feature on both Facebook and Instagram. 

We have moved into simple but punchy animations and carousels to suit the video focused market and algorithm, and make the most of the illustrated focus of the current branding.